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Legatus Records
Owner: M.Vonlanthen
Roseneggweg 10
8866 Ziegelbrücke
0041 78 781 89 24

Service: Customer-Service
Support: webadmin



Service description:

Legatus Records makes available storage space, and to the customer on the servers leasehold by him or registers the suitable Domain as a Reseller, on the name of the customer. The customer uses the storage space provided to him for the publication of his web page. The service may be used only within the scope of the suitable legal regulations to CH as well as to the USA right. It is not allowed to use to these services for or in connection with actions which injure valid right in one of the mentioned lands. A use for erotic offers and similar is inadmissible. Of excessive CPU load of the server, as for example by the wide renting of scripts CGI installed on the server, is not permitted. The customer / the customer takes over the sole responsibility for her / his offer and releases Legatus Records from all demands, actions, results of actions, losses or damages (including juridical costs and fees) which of the use of this service and by injury of this section from the customer / the customers originate.

If Legatus Records ascertains, or is informed Legatus Records by juridical side that of the services is not used by the customer / from customers according to the regulations in this contract, Legatus Records can discontinue the contract any time and without previous notification with immediate effect and close the access to the server. Besides, no other obligations originate for Legatus Records to pay back as the not yet used shares already of paid-up fees (without set-up fees).

The customer recognises that Legatus Records neither implicitly nor explicitly gives guarantees for these services. The customer recognises that Legatus Records cannot be pulled to the responsibility for some demands or damages which the customer does not suffer on the basis of overruns, delays, to transferred data, service interruptions, mistakes or omissions of Legatus Records, or for other reasons. Own risk the use of this service occurs for the customer on own risk. Legatus Records rejects every responsibility for completeness, exactness and quality of the data transferred within the scope of this service and information (counts equally to web, mail, FTP and all the other data).

Domain name of case the customer / the customer Legatus Records asks to apply for a Domain name in the name of the customer , then the customer renounces towards Legatus Records all demands which stand with this order in connection, in particular to losses, damages, demands and costs by or in connection with the registration of such A Domain name with on-line or off-line network list, membership list or Registrationsverzeichnis or with the deletion of the Domain name of such lists and lists after ending of the service by Legatus Records or the customer in connection stand.

Service fees, calculation position and Support the fee for the service is to be paid in Ahead; it w1 x per year before the term a calculation put. If the customer / the customer does not pay the fee before the beginning of such a time, Legatus Records is entitled to discontinue unilaterally this contract to suspend the customer / the customers from the offer to the payment occurs. The fee for the reactivation of a suspended server amounts to SFr. 50. On furthermore late payment additional Mahngebühren are settled. Additional fees can result if the monthly transfer rate corresponding to the desired service or complete memory amount is crossed. All inquiries for technical support can be sent via email to Webadmin@legatusrecords.net. Legatus Records will try to find a solution for problems which stand in connection with the offered service. The Support occurs exclusively about email (If Legatus Records takes up inevitably by telephone kontakt). If the necessary Support crosses the usual measure, reserves itself Legatus Records to settle the expenditure after the topical attempts according to the arrangement with the customer / to the customer. Contract duration, notice the contract duration corresponds to the calculation period given with the order and is extended at the end of without notice appropriate for term automatically by the same duration. The contract can be dissolved by sides of the customer / of the customer in each case on end of a calculation period. Besides, a one-month term of notice is to be kept. No open fees are paid back. There is a 30-day Back back-guarantee, within this term can be discontinued of the services to non-contentment of the customer of the customer, already paid-up fees are paid back (exkl. Installation costs, handling charges). Changes Legatus Records reserves itself, the conditions mentioned in this contract after 10 days before of occurred publication on the website http: // www.Legatusrecords.net. A fee change becomes first at the beginning of a new calculation period effective. use of the service by the customer after the date of the introduction of such changes is called that the customer has accepted the changes. This contract is the whole and only arrangement between the customer and Legatus Records. The contract substitutes for all the other verbal or written arrangements between Legatus Records and the customer.

Does not permit!:

On account of high server extents of utilisation are this install from FSK18 pages, chats, Bannerexchange-Scripts not permissible. PROGRAMMINGS by the company Legatus Switzerland: Programmings like E shops, visitors' books ... etc. . are in the possession of the Legatus Switzerland. Owner of the codes: Mr. B.Muqa usagerights:Legatus Switzerland. The customer, receives by the purchase of such a service the right of the use in the private or / and commercial area (trade) the customer NO right receives this service / to spread, to sell to rent, or for downloading. Any abuse is indicated officially.




Please give us at every order your complete address and your phone number for call back when it is needed!


All information about clients are saved at every order.These information does not goes to someone else..



follow terms of delivery are accepted:
CASH ON DELIVERY (Payment by receiving) incl. 15CHF .-
by invoice (terms 30 days after issuing of invoice)

Shipping costs & Packaging are not included.

Dunning rates are CHF 5.00.
All Amounts they won't be paid are registered and taken on legal process (prosecution) All costs thereby incurred are going to be settled.
We get the reserve of right all orders to sending by cash on delivery with a bigger amount for new clients.





8750 Glarus, Switzerland
Kto.Nr: 200041.M1Q 028400 0000
Kontoinhaber: M.Vonlanthen / Legatus Records

IBAN: CH20 0028 4284 2000 41M1 Q oder



normally within 3 days!


addtional shipping costs of min. 3€ are added (details are sent with order confirmation):

After prepaying all deliveries are made and send directly!


Time for complaints:

Please call us for every complaints to clarify all cases directly, or by email. Don't send any material back to us before you have contact us!! We don't accept that. Every Changing of your ordering is possible after 14 days of issuing of invoice and with your original invoice.We assume no liability for damages after disposal to our carrier.

- All material are staying in ownership of Legatus Records until full paying of your order.
- For every order accept this terms and conditions.
- price changes are reserved.
- With your order you will accept our terms and conditions.